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Stacked Stone Pond

Two tier stacked stone pond with XX.

Frog in the Pond

The pond supports a family of XXX.

Granite Rock Fountain

Granite outcropping revealed as a water feature. Flagstone terrace and granite steps are surrounded by native grasses, trees, shrubs, and edibles.

Cascading Pond

Water cascades down four levels alongside the steps, tying together the upper and lower garden.

Praying Mantis

Miniature ecosystem created around pond attracts native wildlife.

Garden Estate

Restoration of paths, brick edging/curbing, and antique statuary. Planting added to blended with existing landscape.

Michigan Garden

Native woodland garden featuring early-spring to mid and late-summer blooms, culminating in fall colors. Provides view from home and privacy buffer.

Inner City Garden

Private, intimate, Ansley Park garden where people and multiple dogs co-exist.