Design Philosophy

Landscape architecture is where people and the natural environment come together. Looking for inspiration in the rhythms of the land, we blend them with the requirement of the client to create spaces where people and nature connect. We use native species that are better suited to local conditions, require less maintenance, and benefit native birds and wildlife.

Peter Northway

Peter Northway
  • Gardens have been a place of comfort, healing, and inspiration to me. I go to nature to reconnect with who I am.


Peter has over a decade of experience in landscape architecture spanning design, build, and maintenance. His work encompasses both commercial and residential landscaping.

Prior to founding Northway Landscaping, Peter served under the Landscape Architect Edward Daugherty (Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Governor’s Mansion, Georgia Tech Campus). Peter assisted Edward in landmark projects including the Decatur Cemetery, Tanner Medical Center, Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church, and major residential projects. Peter began his career as a Landscape Analyst with Kimley Horn.

Peter attended the University of Georgia and earned a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from the School of Environmental Design. He is a board certified landscape architect and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

Northway Landscaping LLC provides services including: landscape design, comprehensive master plans, design additions or changes to property, site consultation, installation and installation supervision, permit drawings and maintenance.