• Working with Peter Northway has been wonderful. His design is superb, his installation crew great, and he is one of the easiest people to work with you’ll ever run across. Our next door neighbors were so impressed that they used him too, and now, the neighbors on the other side are wanting Peter to work for them!
    - David Sapp

  • It has been a great pleasure to work with Peter Northway over the years. He has applied his knowledge and energy to improvements on our gardens, from solving water flow issues to whimsical additions that appeal to our young granddaughters.
    - Carter Morris

  • Peter Northway transformed my intimate Peachtree Hills back yard, where my family and I enjoy spending quality time, into a beautiful and balanced use of space. To address drainage problems, he combined his expertise and a skillful gardening eye to fix the water issues we were having. With his crew, he slightly adjusted the elevation to make our small yard usable, created a spectacular integrated patio and wall. He tweaked the existing beds and shade garden, moving shrubs around to maximize their potential and planted sod using his vision of scale and symmetry. All the while, Peter kept the project within our means and communicated thoroughly. We will use Northway Landscaping again for our next project!
    - Heyward Fougerousse

  • Peter Northway is helping us recreate a woodlands in our small yard. He provided a wonderful plan to be implemented over time, managed our expectations about growth times, and clearly explained why he chose each of the trees and plants. Already in the second year, we are able to imagine how lovely it will be. Peter’s enthusiasm is infections, and he is easily available for consultation and questions and a pleasure to work with.
    - Yeardley S. Williams

  • Peter Northway and his crew do all the routine yard work: lawn, raking, general pruning and trimming, and cleaning up all debris, leaving the yard looking immaculate. Peter has also helped me decide on more extensive projects, several of which have made it easier for my husband to move about more freely and safely.
    As a licensed Landscape Architect, he is able to focus not only on aesthetics but also on suitable plant material. On each visit Peter and I walk the yard assessing what needs to be done both short and long term. He respects my ideas as I do his. Peter works alongside his team and treats them with great respect. All of them can take pride in work well-done.
    - Betsy Daugherty

  • I can wholeheartedly recommend Peter Northway, Landscape Architect. He has done several important jobs for my mom, including reconditioning soil, trimming trees and shrubs, and planting trees. He and his crew do great work.
    - Brent Tozzer

  • Peter created a new outdoor room from a tiny, overgrown condo slab. I love my new space: I have eaten and entertained many times already. He replaced the slab with a beautiful, patterned brick floor and chose just the right low maintenance plants. This was done with no fuss and very quickly.
    - Nan Gartenberg

  • I love working with Peter Northway. He is creative, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. He helped us solve a major problem area in our yard and turned it in to an inviting path through our garden. Peter transformed our yard and pulled it all together for us. We are thrilled with his work.
    All of Peters staff are kind, hard working people who are a pleasure to have around our house. They even put up with our labs and throw them a ball or two.
    - Lila McAlpin

  • The Northway company starts from a deep knowledge of the current landscaping trends but the creative process leverages also what has been learned in landscape architecture around the world since the Roman times. The result is a non-banal design that fits your house specificity and your taste. The complexity of the interrelated elements are taken in great consideration and studied to deliver an harmonious and unique design. The execution does not leave space to improvisation, there is maniacal attention to details and love for beauty. Communication is a non-issue. All costs are detailed up front and very competitive considering the results.
    - Matteo Toniolo

  • Peter is great to work with. His versatility means that whatever project we have for him will result in a project well done.
    - Tom T